Sangobion Iron+ cap Fe gluconate (equiv to Fe 30 mg) 250 mg, manganese sulfate 200 mcg, copper sulfate 200 mcg, vit C 50 mg, folic acid 1 mg, vit B12 7.5 mcg, sorbitol 25 mg. Per 5 mL Sangobion Kids syr Fe gluconate 129.5 mg (equiv to elemental Fe 15 mg), vit B1 1 mg, vit B2 1 mg, vit B6 1.5 mg, vit B3 15 mg, biotin 0.3 mg. Per mL Sangobion Baby oral drops Fe polymaltose complex (equiv to elemental Fe 8 mg) 23.53 mg, folic acid 80 mcg


Sangobion Iron: Ferrous gluconate + Vitamin & Minerals (Sangobion IRON+) provides complete and reliable treatment for a wide range of anemias: iron deficiency anemia; anemia during pregnancy, growth, convalescence and senility; megaloblastic and macrocytic hyperchromic anemias; alimentary anemia; prophylaxis against anemia in blood donors.Sangobion Kids: Iron deficiency anemia in children; latent insufficiencies of iron and of the B vitamins contained in Sangobion Kids during the growth period; iron deficiency after loss of blood, in chronic illnesses and during convalescence.Anemia is most often due to a deficiency of iron and the best way to tackle this is with ferrous gluconate. However, if a patient is also deficient in folic acid or Vitamin B12 or Vitamin C or trace elements, iron alone is inadequate to correct the anemia. It is why Sangobion has carefully chosen amounts of these other important factors to back up iron therapy and ensure success in the treatment of anemia.Sangobion Baby: Supplementation of iron and folic acid for anemia during growth period.

Dosage / Direction For Use

Sangobion Iron+ 1-2 cap daily. Sangobion Kids Prophylaxis Prophylaxis of Fe & vit B deficiencies 5 mL daily. Treatment of Fe deficiency 15-30 mL daily. The daily dose may vary depending on the severity of Fe deficiency & on the age of the anemic child. Sangobion Baby Childn ≥1 yr 1.2 mL daily, 6-12 mth 1 mL daily, <6 mth As prescribed by physician. To be taken once daily.



Should be taken with food: Take after meals to minimize GI irritation.


Sangobion Kids: Iron utilization disturbances, excess blood iron storage.

Special Precaution

Adverse Reactions

Sangobion Kids: Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, gastric irritation, constipation, diarrhea and colic. These symptoms are usually mild and can be minimized by reducing the dosage or administering the preparation after meals, though this might decrease the absorption rate.

Drug Interaction

Sangobion Kids: It is not recommended to take Sangobion Kids and tetracycline antibiotics at the same time because these preparations affect each other adversely.As with all iron preparations, the stool may become black after taking Sangobion Kids due to the content of iron in the syrup. Similarly, vitamin B2 can cause the urine to turn yellow. These phenomena are completely harmless.


Sangobion Iron: Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.Sangobion Baby/Sangobion Kids: Store at temperatures not exceeding 25°C.


Sangobion Iron: Each capsule contains: Ferrous gluconate 250 mg (equivalent to 30 mg elemental iron), manganese sulfate 200 mcg, copper sulfate 200 mcg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 50 mg, folic acid 1 mg, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 7.5 mcg and sorbitol 25 mg.Sangobion Kids: Each 5 mL (approximately 1 teaspoonful) of syrup contains: Ferrous gluconate 129.5 mg (equivalent to 15 mg elemental iron), thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1) 1 mg, riboflavin (vitamin B2) 1 mg, pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6) 1.5 mg, nicotinamide (vitamin B3) 15 mg and biotin 0.3 mg. Sangobion Kids is a combination of essential active ingredients needed mainly in hematopoiesis, as well as iron and the B vitamins, incorporated in a pleasant tasting syrup.Sangobion Baby: Each mL of oral drops contains: Iron polymaltose 23.53 mg (equivalent to 8 mg elemental iron) & folic acid 80 mcg. Iron polymaltose + Folic acid (Sangobion Baby) contains essential active ingredients needed mainly in hematopoiesis during growth period.