Per 100 mL of 5% w/v Glutamic acid 75 mg, proline 100 mg, serine 100 mg, phenylalanine 534 mg, leucine 490 mg, valine 360 mg, aspartic acid 250 mg, isoleucine 352 mg, lysine HCl 430 mg, arginine 500 mg, threonine 250 mg, alanine 200 mg, histidine 250 mg, glycine 760 mg, methionine 225 mg, cysteine HCl 10 mg, tryptophan 90 mg, tyrosine 25 mg. Per 100 mL of 7% w/v Glutamic acid 900 mg, proline 810 mg, serine 750 mg, phenylalanine 550 mg, leucine 530 mg, valine 430 mg, aspartic acid 410 mg, isoleucine 390 mg, lysine HCl 490 mg, arginine 330 mg, threonine 300 mg, alanine 300 mg, histidine 240 mg, glycine 210 mg, methionine 190 mg, cysteine HCl 14.5 mg, tryptophan 100 mg, tyrosine 50 mg


It is used to improve the nutritional status in postoperative patients and patients with hypoproteinemia, which is caused by various reasons.

Dosage / Direction For Use

The total daily dose of the solution depends on the daily protein requirement and on the patient’s metabolic and clinical response.When it is administered by peripheral intravenous drip, 250-750 mL/day is usually given to adults by slow intravenous drip. Injection speed: Infuse Amino Acids, which is equivalent to about 5 g or 7 g of Amino Acid (100 mL of the product) per hour. Instill slowly at a speed at a speed of about 25 drops per minute. Slow instillation is more needed in the elderly and critically ill patients. In view of the utilization of amino acids, the product should be co-administrated with glucose solution or lipid emulsion.When it is administered by central intravenous infusion, 500-750 mL/day is given to adults. After being mixed with glucose, lipid emulsion and other nutritive factors, the product is infused successively (used successively for 16-24 hours) through central or peripheral vein by normal parenteral nutrition support method. Increase or reduce the dose appropriately by following a doctor’s advice according to the conditions like age, symptoms, weight, etc.




It is forbidden to use in patients with renal insufficiency, severe uremia and amino acid dysbolism.

Special Precaution

The drug solution must be examined in detail before use. If abnormal phenomena (like crack, air leakage, color change, mildew, precipitate or deterioration, etc.) are observed in the bottle body, the product cannot be used absolutely.Precautions: Examine in detail before use. The product cannot be used if any of the following cases is observed: Drug turbidity.Slight crack is observed in the body and opening of the bottle.Cottony mycelium growth is observed.Foreign matter is observed.Color change in drug solution.The sealed place is loosened.Do not use this product when there is turbidity or precipitation. Exposure to cold temperature may lead to crystallization and precipitation which will disappear upon warming to 60°C. Do not use it until the solution is clear.5% w/v: When it is administered by peripheral intravenous infusion, hyperosmotic state is observed because glucose is added. Therefore, the instillation speed must be kept slow.Crystallization may be observed when the product is cooled. Heat the drug solution to 60°C and use it after the crystals are completely dissolved by shaking slowly.The drug solution, whose bottle is opened, should be used up at one time. The remaining drug solution cannot be re-used by storage.7% w/v: The dripping speed should be controlled strictly.As the product is a kind of hydrochloride, infusion in a high dose may cause acid-base disorder. When in high dose is used or the product is co-administrated with electrolyte infusion, the balance between electrolyte and acid-base should be paid attention to.The product cannot be re-used by storage after it is opened.

Adverse Reactions

Instilling too fast can cause adverse reactions like nausea, vomiting, fever, etc. so it should be used with caution.

Drug Interaction


Store at temperatures not exceeding 25°C. Protect from light. Do not freeze.


5% w/v: Each 100 mL contains: Glutamic Acid 75 mg, Proline 100 mg, Serine 100 mg, Phenylalanine 534 mg, Leucine 490 mg, Valine 360 mg, Aspartic Acid 250 mg, Isoleucine 352 mg, Lysine Hydrochloride 430 mg, Arginine 500 mg, Threonine 250 mg, Alanine 200 mg, Histidine 250 mg, Glycine 760 mg, Methionine 225 mg, Cysteine Hydrochloride 10 mg, Tryptophan 90 mg, Tyrosine 25 mg.7% w/v: Each 100 mL contains: Glutamic Acid 900 mg, Proline 810 mg, Serine 750 mg, Phenylalanine 550 mg, Leucine 530 mg, Valine 430 mg, Aspartic Acid 410 mg, Isoleucine 390 mg, Lysine Hydrochloride 490 mg, Arginine 330 mg, Threonine 300 mg, Alanine 30 mg, Histidine 240 mg, Glycine 210 mg, Methionine 190 mg, Cysteine Hydrochloride 14.5 mg, Tryptophan 100 mg, Tyrosine 50 mg.